Our week #3

Sorry this one is a little late but we had a busy afternoon yesterday and have been out today!! We didn’t have a very exciting start to last week however it did get better!!  Monday, we did our shopping and had a day at home tidying and playing!  All rather boring I know but it’s got to be done every now and then!

On Tuesday, we went along to the local toddler group as it was meant to be a teddy bear picnic however it was really windy and quite cold so we ended up having snack inside instead although we did manage a wee play at the park which was nice.  It brightened up in the afternoon so we got out in the garden for a while and went to meet friends for tea!

We met some friends on Wednesday and went along to a special summer class called ‘Wee Songsters’.  The girls had lots of fun singing and playing with their friends.  We stayed for lunch and I enjoyed a catch up with my mummy friends!!  Eva invited herself to her Auntie Rach and Gran’s house for a sleepover so off she went leaving mummy and Mya home alone for the evening (A had football!).  I enjoyed a lovely night watching GBBO – delighted it’s back 😋 – inspired me to make some meringues!😍

The local toddler group meets on a Thursday morning but as Eva was away I decided to give it a miss and went for a run while Mya was napping instead.  We had another quiet day but I did something super exciting – I ordered a keepsake blanket for Eva made from her baby clothes.  I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but never got around to it.  Eva’s parcel of clothes are now winging their way to Love Keep Create – I’ve been following them on Facebook since Eva was born and their keepsakes are adorable (have a peek!).  I’ll post more about this when the blanket arrives 😁

Eva and daddy went to the football at night – she loves nothing more than spending time with her daddy!⚽️  I baked a cake for my sisters birthday on Saturday.

We headed on a road trip to Macduff on Friday morning.  I took the girls to Macduff aquarium to see all of the fish!  Eva was quite frightened at some of the bigger fish but came ok as we went round.  Mya was mesmerised!!  We then went for a drive along the coast and stopped for lunch and ice cream in Cullen.  We had a fab day!

In the afternoon I decorated the birthday cake for my sister.  Eva decided that we should make an Olaf cake so that’s what we did!⛄️

Saturday – the girls slept until 8 which is almost unheard of so we all woke up refreshed! We popped to the shops then my sis came round to go out for her birthday lunch!  We went to the local golf club then stopped off at the park for a play.  Eva loves birthdays so we had an afternoon of party games – just what any 23 would love!!😂

Sunday was a family day.  We spent the day at home gardening and daddy finally got around to building Eva’s birthday playframe.  So pleased with our garden, it’s finally coming together and will be a lovely place to spend time with our girls!!💕


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