Exercise – how do I fit it in??

I’m back at it and really want to stick with the running this time.  I’ve signed up to another couple of races so need to keep at it!! I have tried various times of the day including during nap times (when Eva is occupied), mornings, evenings but I don’t have any consistency and my hubby works long hours and is out 3/4 evenings a week.  

What i’d really like to know is, how does everyone fit exercise into their busy lives?  And what kind of exercise do you do?  Also any tips to keep motivated?

Help me please…


One thought on “Exercise – how do I fit it in??

  1. When my youngest was 2 yrs old and I was STILL wearing my maternity pants (I loved how the belly band would just hold me all in snug), I realized I had to do something about my body. I started slow, three mornings a week before work I got together with a group of girls from work and we worked out with the one girl as our “trainer”. I only lost 10 lb in 7 months but it got me into the “routine” of exercise being a part of my life. When a new gym opened literally up the street from my home I joined and started working out there, attending several 6 am classes. Three years later I am still at the gym, only now it’s 5 mornings a week at 5 am. It’s the only time I have and it’s how I love to start my day! Basically you have to find a schedule that you can live with and stick to it. You need to get your husband on board so that he knows he is on parent duty while you are taking care of your health and wellness. Fitness shouldn’t be about getting skinny, but about being healthy and wellness, and those are just as important as any other part of life. It deserves to be a priority 🙂

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