Summer Sales Haul – July 2015

I’m not usually a huge sale shopper however as Mya is a November baby I have been trying to pick up some summer bits for her for next year!  Eva is a July baby so has always been kitted out for all seasons from birthday and Christmas pressies!!  

Below are some of my baby bargains!


I think I’ve already said that I love next for clothes for the girls.  So I took up a pre sale slot online and grabbed some bargains.  I got A mix of 9-12 and 12-18 months bits for Mya – all basically half price so fantastic value!  I came away with:

  • 2 t shirts – a bright pink one and a navy and white stripy one with a floral elephant
  • 4 pack of cropped leggings – all brights and super cute…they will go with loads of stuff
  • A pair of cute pink linen trousers – I couldn’t resist these and loved the colour!
  • A wee swimsuit – Eva has it this year and we usually go on a winter holiday so thought I’d be prepared
  • Long sleeved body suits – handy for the cooler days!  
  • I also got a couple of bits from next for Eva – just some socks, vest tops and pjs but they were things that she needs


I really love some of the designers at Debenhams especially the Junior J and Ted Baker bits so I often have a wee look online to see what’s hot.  I popped on the other day as I knew it was sale time and got some super cute bits for Mya.  I need up buying 3 different outfits.

  • A cute Junior J dress – it’s really girly and pretty with horses (I think!) on
  • I also got 2 leggings and top sets – I just liked them so thought why the hell not!😜

I think that’s about all I’ve bought in the sales but some great bargains and super cute bits for Mya.  I love shopping for her as I’ve never really had to buy much for Eva!💕


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