The Guilt of 2 children

Whilst pregnant with Mya I didn’t really feel the guilt for Eva that a lot of my friends felt when pregnant with their second child.  I saw the arrival of the new baby, her sibling, as a great opportunity for a playmate and company to grow up with. 

I have to admit that now and then, since Mya was born, I have felt guilty though.  For not spending the same time with Eva and also for not being able to devote the same attention to Mya that I did to Eva.  I have realised recently that since Mya arrived I have spent very little time alone with Eva so I have been making a conscious effort to have more quality time together.  On a day to day basis this isn’t always easy but I try, where possible, to make at least 10/15 minutes each day to play with Eva at whatever she wishes (it’s usually playing a game or doing a jigsaw) when Mya is napping.  I also try to put her to bed most nights and we have a chat about our day and what she’d like to do the following day – these are really precious moments and ones that I want to continue for many, many years to come!💕. I have also booked us tickets to see a show called Fun box in a couple of weeks time – it will be a ‘big girls’ day out and Mya will stay with my sister.

I also feel guilty for Mya – she has been ‘dragged’ along to various classes etc designed for Eva’s age since the week she was born and she hasn’t been gifted with nearly the same attention that Eva was at her age.  Although I have to admit she is such a happy, smiley baby that I don’t think it bothers her in the slightest.  When I see the bond that our 2 girls have it melts my heart and I know that no matter what guilt I feel, it is totally worth it and they love each other to the moon and back…well for now anyway!!😜 



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