Our week – 27 July 2015

We’ve had another fairly busy week.  The girls and I have been out and about a fair bit even though the weather hasn’t been great!

On Monday we had a fairly lazy day at home but we managed to finally finish putting up Eva’s trampoline which she was delighted about!  It’s great to have some things to play with in the garden as she’ll happily play on it for ages while I’m hanging out washing etc!

We went to a local farm on Tuesday and fed the animals!  The girls had great fun and Eva loved feeding the sheep, pigs and horses.  My sister came out with us which was really nice!  We went into town after and had a Burger King for lunch (naughty I know!) then had a look about a shop called The Range.  It’s got loads of different house things, crafty bits ands toys.  I bought some buttons to make some pictures for the girls’ bedrooms! We then headed to Baskin Robbins for ice cream – my first time and it was soooo yummy!

On Wednesday I braved it and took both girls to the circus alone!!  I was really worried about how it would go and if I’d manage to keep both girls occupied but…I’m so glad I took them as they were both a dream and we had another fab afternoon!! Eva is still talking about it!😍

Thursday morning we ventured to our local toddlers group for some messy play.  Eva loved painting a massive butterfly – we took some pics!  She loves meeting her wee chums and getting into mischief with them!

In the afternoon we went to collect my new Hoover!!  I absolutely love it – it’s a cordless dyson – amazing! 

We had no plans for Friday which made me bored!  A offered to take us to the local golf club for lunch which we jumped at the chance of!!  We then popped to M and S for some bits for the weekend and went to visit my granny.  We had a lovely catch up – she adores our girls 💞

On Saturday morning I decided to take the girls to town to a kids fair ‘thing’!  We had a look around some of the stalls, Eva got her face painted (a beautiful multi coloured butterfly) and we bought some cakes and toffee treats!!😋 We also had a look about the shops and I picked up a few bits for myself and the girls.  My mum popped round in the afternoon for coffee and cake!

Sunday has been a packed day…first thing we had a family photo shoot.  This was our second attempt as the weather wasn’t great the first time so thankfully it was a beautiful morning and I think we’ll have some fantastic family shots.  We then headed into town for some new togs for A followed by a kids birthday party.  A has now gone out with a couple of guys friends for tea so a rather hectic day!  I’m off to put my feet up with a glass of Pinot…think it’s well deserved!😉


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