My Favourite Things – July 2015

I thought I might start a couple of regular posts so here’s my first favourite things blog!  We have had such a busy month of July – it started with Eva’s 3rd birthday, then we went to Tenerife for a week and since coming back we’ve had more birthday parties, our wedding 4th anniversary and I’ve tried to do lots of things with the girls to keep us occupied!

  • For the Girls
  1. Our Tula – this has got to be one of my favourite buys for Mya!!  She loves the snuggles (as do I) and it’s fab to be hands free for Eva!!  ❤️❤️❤️ it!
  2. Orchard Games – we have pig in pants and the cupcake game.  Not only are they educational but they are great fun too and Eva always asks to play with them!!  Def a win-win!
  • For me
  1. Fresh strawberry tarts – I love cake and this is the time of year for a perfect strawberry tart!  So naughty but soooo delicious!🍓
  2. My patterned trousers – I have a couple of pairs now and I love how comfy they are!  Hubby thinks they look like pj bottoms but I don’t care!😜
  3. The Girl on the Train – I downloaded this book for our hol and I honestly just couldn’t put it down.  Worth a read for sure 👍🏼
  4. Body Shop All in One BB Cream – I don’t tend to wear a lot of make up but I love this for day to day wear as its so simple to use and gives my skin a lovely glow!
  • For the house
  1. My new Dyson v6 cordless Hoover – I love it!  My old Hoover died on me and all of my friends recommended a dyson as a replacement so my hubby said that I could go for the cordless.  It’s amazing and so easy to use.  The suction is fab and I love not having a trailing cable to worry about!
  2. Oven pride – amazing stuff and takes so little work!! I cleaned my oven and it literally took 15/20 mins of my time and very little elbow grease!
  • Other ‘things’
  1. Spending loads of quality time with my girls – we’ve so far managed to pack lots of fun things into our holidays together 
  2. Sales – I’ve picked up some great bargains for the girls in the sales…more to come on this!!

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