Potty Training Tips 

I fell pregnant with Mya when Eva was around 19 months old so decided that we should attempt to potty train her, if we could, before baby arrived.  I first tried to potty train her just after her 2nd birthday as I thought it would be a great opportunity when the weather was nice and we were out in the garden a lot – it was a disaster!  She just wasn’t ready and nor was I.  I stressed out about it as there were constant puddles on the floor even straight after coming off the potty.  We decided within a day that she wasn’t ready and put her back into nappies straight away!

Our second attempt was a month or so later.  We tried for around 2/3 days and it was much better than the first attempt but she still wasn’t completely ready.  It was at this point that I decided to wait until baby had arrived and we were settled into a routine again before attempting to give it another go!  It just wasn’t fair to push Eva when she wasn’t ready and I didn’t want the arrival of baby to make her regress with the potty training etc.

Our third and successful attempt came one day when out of the blue Eva asked to put on some pants!  It was around February time and she just took to it straight away!  Obviously there were and still are accidents but in general it’s been great.

My main tips are:

  • Wait until they are completely ready before starting – it’s easier on everyone and causes far less stress
  • Before you start any training let them come to the loo with you, chat them through what you are doing 🙈.  It’s also worth introducing the potty long before you start – let them sit on it, play with, pee in if if they want and generally get used to the idea
  • Make it fun – buy books for reading on the potty, make up silly songs to sing while they are sat on the potty, anything to make it fun for them
  • Start when you have some free time and are able to commit a few days to being at home and asking if they need to go regularly
  • Have loads of pants and clothes on standby
  • Put a towel or bag or something over your car seat to save having to wash the cover if there are any accidents when out and about
  • Take potty out with you to start with – always need a pee at an awkward place!!
  • Use a reward chart if you think it will help
  • Praise, praise, praise and ignore the accidents as much as possible 

Good luck!👍🏼


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