Bikini Body Confidence 

I’ve never felt overly confident about my body in a bikini but since having the girls my confidence is at an all time low.  Bikinis are a strict no go for me at the moment so I’ve bought a number of swimsuits and tankinis to wear instead.  

My main area of concern is my stomach – it’s never been flat or anywhere near it.  Before children it was ok with a little ‘podge’ at times depending on my diet and the amount of exercise I was doing.  Post Eva it pretty much went back to the same with perhaps a bit more there which I never managed to get rid of even through exercise and a good diet!!  

Post Mya…there is no way I’d ever expose it!  I was huge at the end of my pregnancy with Mya and my stomach looks like a deflated balloon now.  I was gutted as I had no stretch marks until the final 3 weeks of my pregnancy!😢 

I am super proud of my girls and I wouldn’t change them for the world so it’s just something that I have to learn to live with.  I think with a good, healthy diet and some exercise I could get to a shape that I’d be happy with.  So I need to get motivated and get my running shoes on…


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