Tula Carrier Review

  i didn’t have a clue about baby carriers until very recently.  With Eva I used the buggy all of the time and never felt the need for a baby carrier.  This time I felt that a carrier might be easier as it allows me to have my hands free for Eva.  I instantly fell in love with the Tula when browsing around due to their lovely designs.  I especially loved all of the bright colours.  I joined some Facebook groups to find out more and persuaded hubby that it was totally worth the cost!!  I eventually bought it from a buy and sell site on Facebook too. 

The Tula comes in 2 sizes – standard and toddler.  I opted for the standard as Mya is only 7 months old and it should last until she’s approx 18 months old so should get fab use out of it!!


  • Looks great and a design for everyone
  • Comfortable to wear for parent and baby – great support and padding.  Mya has fallen asleep in ours on a number of occasions now   
  • Allows you to be hands free for other children/bags etc
  • It’s machine washable which is great for the inevitable sick/poo/general baby mess


  • The Tula is quite costly but actually has a great lifespan and if used regularly would be totally worth it 

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