Party Planning 🎂🎈🎀

Eva’s 3rd birthday is almost here so and the party planning and preparation is well underway!  We are having a family BBQ and bouncy castle fun this weekend!!  I still think she’s a bit small for a party with friends, we’ll save that for next year when she’s made some nursery chums!

I LOVE baking so have made a selection of goodies – homemade meringues, strawberry tarts, shortbread all done…Malteser slice, top hats and the all important birthday cake still to be tackled!

We’re hoping to BBQ so a trip to the local cash and carry will be this mornings job!

The decorations are all bought – banners, bunting, ceiling decorations and balloons! 

 Party games sorted – pass the parcel, pin the nose on Olaf and a piñata!  Hoping that will be plenty as the bouncy castle should keep the kiddies entertained!!

Party bags made up!  I struggle with these as I hate all of the tat (sorry mummy friends!!) that usually go in them!!  We’ve gone for a frozen theme so I’ve popped a frozen necklace and hair clip in, frozen chocolates, haribos, a lollipop and some bubbles!  Hopefully it’s things that the kids will actually use!!  The boys have gliders and bouncy balls and the babies have books!

More party details to come soon…🎈


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