Awful mummy 😢

  Going through a tough spell of self doubt at the moment!!  Just feel like a really useless and awful mummy to my 2 girls!

Mya hasn’t been a great sleeper and having taken her dummy away sometimes she goes down no problem and at other times she’s screams the house down refusing to sleep!!  I have tried rocking her (not a habit that I want to continue!!), sitting with her shushing and patting and all sorts!  9 times out of 10 it works perfectly but twice in the last 2 days it’s just not!  It’s horrific and I feel like such an awful mum that I can’t seem to settle her!  Hopefully it’s just a wee phase and it passes quickly!!

I just don’t seem to have patience for Eva!  She’s regressed a bit with potty training and has been having more accidents again.  I just seem to shout at her every time – after I feel so bad but I’m just finding it so frustrating as i know she can do it!!

Anyway just needed to get that off my chest…sorry for the rant, will try to be more positive next time 😢


3 thoughts on “Awful mummy 😢

  1. Me too! Today had been so rough. I’ve felt like a total failure in everything I’ve been doing or trying to do with Luna. I’m desperate for her to show a slight sign if sleeping through the night. And I only have 1 child. The fact you have 2 and have not completely lost your mind yet shows that you are not an awful mummy

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