Our week

Had another fairly busy week with lots of baby and toddler activities and mummy has also managed to escape for a couple of hours!! Yay!  My social life as a mummy usually revolves around play dates and playgroup committee meetings however this week I met my girl friends for tea – a yummy Chinese and I even managed a couple of glasses of wine!!

We’ve also been on a mission to lose Mya’s dummy as she’s been waking loads at night to get it back – it’s going ok, I’ve posted more about this in a separate blog!

Mya also had her 6 month review with the health visitor – she’s doing great and is meeting all of her milestones as she should be!!  Proud mummy 😊

We had a play date with some friends at our local playbarn – the cakes are amazing and I enjoyed a huge slice of chocolate cake.  As you can see the diet has been a disaster this week!  I really need to have a couple of good weeks as we’re off to Tenerife shortly!

By far the highlight of my week was picking up my amazing new Tula carrier – I’m totally in ❤️ with it and can’t wait to get out and use it properly!!


Today is Father’s Day. We didn’t get to spend much time as a family as Alan was golfing and the girls had a birthday party but we went out for a delicious car very for tea!  Our 2 beautiful little ladies are totally daddy’s girls – they light up as soon as he steps into the room!  He is an amazing daddy and works super hard to provide our girls with the life they have and also to ensure they have a great future!  Big 💙 to all those amazing daddies out there, especially Alan!!😘


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