Dummy wars

Mya was a bit of a sucky baby initially so we decided to give her a dummy for some comfort.  I soon realised that she didn’t actually really need it so took it away around 16/17 weeks.  It was a really simple process and she hardly noticed that it was gone!!

Stupidly during a hard night when Mya was feeling a bit under the weather I caved and gave her the dummy back.  It really settled her at the time so I wasn’t too bothered however over the last couple of weeks she’s started waking constantly throughout the night needing it replaced!  So after much deliberation I’ve decided that the dummy needs to go!

Day 1 – Mya was upset for around 10 mins max at each nap and bedtime.  I sat with her and picked her up for a cuddle at intervals and she settled and slept fairly well until bedtime.  She had a really unsettled night with a cough and cold and the only way she got any relief from the awful cough was by sucking so I gave her he dummy back…naughty mummy!  

Day 2 – Mya went down for a morning nap at our toddler group with no fuss just some white noise to drown out the older children!  In the afternoon she went down with a little fuss but slept well.  She went to bed at night time without a fuss, I bosied her until she was drowsy then popped her into the cot.  She woke around 1.30am and was fairly unsettled until 3am but then slept until 7.30am so not too bad and no dummy was given!😊

We have continued throughout the rest of this week and really seem to be getting somewhere.  Mya is going down in her cot usually with very little fuss (if any) and has been sleeping much better.  Last night she was up twice but I simply went in and gave her tummy a wee rub and she settled straight back to sleep. We’ve still a way to go but really feel like we are getting there this week!!

My top tips for ditching the dummy would be:

  • Go cold turkey – get rid of all dummies in the house so you can’t be tempted to give it back during those hard wee small hours
  • Put baby into cot what drowsy but not asleep and rub tummy whilst shushing.  I stayed with Mya until she was fairly calm then left the room so that she was able to learn to settle herself to sleep
  • Offer some of other form of comfort – Mya now sleeps with a wee teddy!  So far she’s not fussy which as we have 3 that we use whichever is closest to hand!!

The last thing I will say is that having a dummy isn’t the end of the world and some children just need the comfort .  If you can’t get rid of it altogether try restricting to nap/bed time.  Good luck guys!!


2 thoughts on “Dummy wars

    1. Yeah Mya does too…I’ve been super sensitive to her sleepy cues and find if I catch her at the right time she goes down no bother…well apart from this morning when she point blank refused to nap!!đŸ˜”

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