Tips for eating out

My hubby and I love eating out and we always have done.  Since the arrival of our 2 girls we’ve continued to go out occasionally however we’ve learned a couple of things along the way.  Our top tips for eating out are:

  • Choose your restaurant carefully – we usually choose local as they are family friendly and we all feel at ease – no rushing or hushing the children!
  • Go early before the children get too hungry or tired!
  • We always take some small snacks to keep the wee ones going whilst we wait to order/for food to arrive.
  • Perhaps slightly controversial but our iPad is a lifesaver – we have loads of games and some favourite TV programmes downloaded and it keeps Eva occupied for ages if she starts to get restless.
  • I also usually take some crayons and a wee scribble pad and some story books which are fairly portable and can be popped in the changing bag.
  • Use a high chair for as long as possible – our 3 year old still sits in a high chair when we’re out.  It’s not easy for her to get down and run around and it means we know exactly where she is all of the time!
  • Order the kids meals to come with starters so that they are not waiting around for ages.  We then usually get a wee ice cream or dessert whilst eating our main meal to keep her occupied!

If anyone has any other tips please share as we’re always looking for new ideas!


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