Review of Jawbone Up

Earlier this year I went on a mission to get fitter and lose my baby weight.  A number of my friends had been speaking about the Jawbone Up so I decided to bite the bullet and buy one!  I am now addicted and absolutely love it!!

The Up is a bracelet type ‘thing’that you wear on your wrist .  It tracks your activity level and sleep and can be linked to various other apps.   

I have my goal for activity set at 12,000 steps per day and it really motivates me to exceed that wherever I can.   I keep track of how I’m doing throughout the day and it gives me the push I need to stay active. 

I have the Up connected to my Runkeeper app too – both apps work together to record my activity levels during the day.

It also records your sleep – I find this really fascinating!!  My goal is 8 hours per night but I’m rarely getting that at the moment with a 7 month old baby and an almost 3 year old!!  I keep aiming to get there though!! It records deep and light sleep and any night time waking.  It also provides great tips on how you could get more sleep!

Each week the app which accompanies the band will give you a weekly summary email.  This details how many times you have met your step and sleep goals and whether you’re doing better or worse than the previous week!! I love getting these as it inspires me to do better!

I also have my Up connected to the MyFitnessPal app which I use to track the calories I eat each day.  The Up rates each meal you eat out of 10 and sets you challenges such as trying to eat 25g of fibre per day!  It also allows you to track your water intake!

I find the app a real motivator and would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get a bit fitter.  It’s gives great wee challenges and advice each day and you can add friends with a Jawbone device to your team to help inspire each other!!  All in a great wee band and well worth investing in one!👍🏼🍵🍐💪🏻👣😴


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