Bressure Campaign

I’ve seen quite a lot about the Bressure campaign in the last week so just thought I’d do a wee bit on my feeding journey.

With Eva, my eldest I decided whilst pregnant that i would bottle feed.  I think I was quite naïve about breast feeding so I based my decision on the fact that my husband could be more involved if we bottle fed and I also didn’t think I would be comfortable breast feeding in public and that by bottle feeding we would be able to get into a better routine.  My midwife throughout pregnancy didn’t put any pressure on me to breastfeed and accepted my decision to bottle feed without question.  However when Eva arrived, I felt that some of the hospital staff looked down on me for my decision and the guilt started to creep in.  Over the following months, although happy with my decision to bottle feed, occasionally people would comment on it and I found this really upsetting. I made friends with a fab group of ladies and most of them had tried breastfeeding – their stories made me think twice about breastfeeding and I decided that if we went onto have more children I would give it a go.

So when I fell pregnant with Mya I decided that I wanted to try to breastfeed her.  I did a tonne of reading and watched numerous breast feeding videos on YouTube to try to prepare.  I also chatted to a number of friends who had breastfed their children to get some tips.  I was really anxious about the whole thing as I’d heard that with your second baby you’re left to your own devices in the hospital.  When Mya arrived I told my midwife that I’d like to try and they were great at helping me to get her latched on etc.  However when I moved to the post natal ward I felt abandoned – it was really busy and the staff just didn’t have the time to spend with me.  I found it really hard and very sore and dreaded each feed as I didn’t know if the latch was correct and if Mya was actually getting anything from me.  My husband was fully supportive and tried to help but in the end we decided that it would be best to transfer to bottle feeding.  More than anything I wanted to enjoy the early days with Mya and not be stressing about feeding.  We also felt that it would eat into the time we could spend with Eva.

Therefore I didn’t have a very successful time with breastfeeding.  Perhaps I didn’t give it enough time but the most important thing for me was enjoying those precious early days and spending special time with my girls.  I take my hat off to anyone who successfully breast feeds as its so tough and I’d say just do what works for you and your family 😘


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