🎈 Party Planning 🎈

It’s that time of year again where I begin planning my big girls birthday celebrations.  We really try to go all out for her birthdays as it’s a once a year occassion and we want them to be memorable for her!  A few weeks back I asked her what ‘kind’ of party she would like this year – she told me a peppa party however since then we’ve had Ben and holly, frozen, Minnie to name a few!  I really wanted to get going with plans so this week I asked her again what kind of party she wanted and she said frozen – deal done, no more changing her mind!

I got myself onto Pintrest for some ideas for decorations, food and cakes!  I love the planning process and really get into it!  I’ve ordered a whole stack of decorations (plates, cups, napkins, bunting, hanging decorations and banners) and party bag fillers (frozen hair clips and necklaces) from the party delights website – it’s got a fab selection and the prices are fairly reasonable!  As her birthday lands in July we usually have a family BBQ so that’s the plan again this year – I’m also thinking we’ll hire a frozen bouncy castle, get some face paints and play some party games!  If the weather is good we don’t need to do much to entertain the kids so we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Still need to write my food list – want to stay along the frozen theme for the nibbles so will get my thinking cap on there and show you some pics after the big day!  I’ll also have to do another online decorations order and get some invited sorted out.  Lots to keep me busy!

Then there’s a pressie…well that’s another challenge altogether!!!


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