Mya @ 6 months 

I can’t believe it but my baby girl is 6 months old already.  Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!  Mya is such a happy, smiley, content baby.  She has become a real character over the last couple of months.  She’s sitting up by herself now and loves playing with her big sister and toys! She will happily sit for an hour if she has some things to explore!! I’m really enjoying this stage as she’s taking everything in and is intrigued by absolutely everything you give her!  She’s adores her big sister – I love watching the relationship between the 2 developing and really hope that they remain close buddies forever!👭💕

We have just started weaning – a mixture of purées and baby led.  To be honest the purées are a pain to make – so many dishes and time for the tiniest amount of food at the end!!  I’m super glad that Mya has decided that she prefers to feed herself so we’re mainly doing baby led!  Eva snapped up purées no bother so I had no idea where to start on baby led weaning.  A couple of things Mya is really enjoying are toast, cheese sticks, banana sticks, cucumber, melon, peaches, omelette, breadsticks, pear, carrots.  I’m sure there are loads more but that’s all I can think of for now!!  She’s still only taking small amounts so having 5 bottles too but hopefully this will start to cut down when she’s eating bigger portions!

She’s still waking once during the night for a feed and generally needs much less sleep than her big sis did (much to my disappointment as I ❤️ my bed!).  I’m hoping she’ll grow out of her early starts too 😉

I’m not enjoying the explosive nappies which we are constantly encountering right now! 💩 hopefully this is all down to teething but there are still no signs of any popping through!

Honestly no idea where the last 6 months have gone but loving every minute…Only wish our babies would slow down on the growing!😍


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