Storyland Express

Hello…hello…welcome to Storyland Express!

On a Thursday morning the girls and I attend a pre school class called Storyland Express.  Eva and I have attended a number of classes but this is definitely our favourite.  Caireen, the ‘teacher’ acts out a story for the children and involves them using numerous props and musical instruments.  She also encourages the children to join in singing lots of songs.  The class finishes up with quiet time watching laser lights on the roof and then magic bubbles!  Caireen exudes bags of energy and really stimulates and holds the childrens interest, even Mya, at 6 months old can’t take her eyes off the action.  So in short if you’re based around Aberdeen/shire, get yourself along to one of these classes they are totally worth the time and money!👍

Also had a fab play date with some of our chums at lunchtime…unexpected but great fun!  But the highlight of our Thursday had to be chasing the ice cream van in our jammies!  We don’t often see an ice cream van so it was a rare treat! Yummy! 😊🍦


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